We have created a token to launch the Green Watt Project ecosystem.

In 2022, the daily energy requirement of crypto mining is already over 12 GW, despite the low exchange rate. The efforts of the governments and even the trends are about how to green the mining industry.

This is why a revolutionary change in the world has recently begun, and it is no longer an accepted solution today to maintain blockchain technology based on fossil energy. The crypto will be green, so it is sustainable for the future as well. The next few years are expected to be about that, BECOME A PART from the beginning.

The Green Watt Project is committed to fostering a carbon-neutral future for cryptocurrencies with clean and sustainable energy projects, as well as combining the most efficient economics projects with the benefits of blockchain technology.

The Green Watt Project is an ecosystem made up of several projects that build on and work together.

0. Project

Crypto mining

Until the Project 1 will be available, we giving you the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency in an environmentally friendly way with your own machine.
Until we have not one of the 1-2-3 projects, in the meantime, we want to do it for the greening of cryptocurrencies, so under Project 0, we contracted 4 places where a solar panel would produce the energy that operated by the mining machines.
The proceeds will be used for the preparation and launch of all 1-2-3 projects.

1. Project

Biogas power plant

Biogas is an environmentally friendly renewable energy source that can be produced mainly from primary or secondary agricultural by-products and other wastes. Anaerobic treatment of manure and wastes saves the environment, traps methane and nitrogen oxides, and reduces the odor load on the environment.

Solve all this locally using local ingredients. From biogas, electricity, heat and a special process can be used to produce hydrogen, which can be used to replace fossil fuels.

The fermenter residue of the biogas plant is an excellent soil energy supply for agriculture due to the high nutrient content of the substrate juice.

2. Project

Hydro power plant

A hydropower plant is a power plant that utilizes hydropower. The total capacity of the world’s hydropower plants is about 715,000 MW, 19% of the Earth’s total electricity capacity (16% in 2003), and 63% of renewable energy in 2005.

Although large hydropower plants process the most hydropower, small hydropower plants (up to 5 MW) are also of great importance, and are particularly popular in China, where more than 50% of the world’s small hydropower capacity operates.

In our opinion, the potential of water is underused, although many places in many countries offer opportunities, including in developing countries.

3. Project

Solar power plant

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy for humanity today, as it will certainly last 5 billion years.

The sun is practically a huge and natural fusion nuclear reactor, because in its structure thermonuclear heat is produced, i.e. nuclear fusion. It is a huge sphere of gas, mostly in the plasma state, in which hydrogen combines with helium during nuclear fusion.

According to wikipedia, the energy from the sun is about. 174 petawatts (1.74 × 1017 watts).


GWP token

The current plant has a life expectancy of more than 30 years, during which it produces approximately 60,000,000 kWh, so we have produced 60,000,000 GWP tokens.
1 token = 1 kWh. The token is exchangeable for electricity so you can supply cheap power to your mining machines at the power plant.

There is no built-in cost when transacting a token (transaction fee = 0%). Launch on DEX 08.03.2022 19:25

After the PRE SALE is over, the start-up of the power plant and the placement of the mining machines will begin soon. The token received for the electricity used must be burned by sending those to a zero wallet. As many tokens will be burned, that’s exactly what we’ll release from the main wallet and put into the Liquidity Pool.

Electricity that is not used by miners to operate the machines (up to and including 200 kW) is sold on the HUPX DAM (exchange). From this money, the project will start buying its own tokens, which will have an exchange rate boosting effect!
From the tokens thus added to the project and the remaining money, we expand the liquidity pool or distribute the purchased tokens proportionally to the holders. (between wallets with at least 100 tokens)

  • Token Symbol GWP
  • Token name Green Watt Project
  • Contract address 0xf7b07363c7677fdcbc973a11c2d611c020d50d17
  • Start on Pancakeswap 03.august.2022.
  • Number of tokens 60.000.000,00000
  • Specification GWP token
It’s over

245 days

Necessary for 1. Project:
300 000 BUSD
1. Project phase I.
3.aug.2022. –

119 days

Necessary for 1. Project phase II.:
2 700 000 BUSD
1. Project phase II.
2023 Q1 –
Necessary for 2. Project:
5 500 000 BUSD

Most of the tokens have been LOCKED through PinkSale. The following table shows in detail:

  • Number of tokens Unlock time
  • 685,565 2023.01.30 23:00
  • 53,829,913 2023.04.30 00:00

How can you check?

You need to open the PinkSale page, select the PinkLock/Token menu item, copy the address of the GWP token smart contract and you can see it.

Or simply click here.

Token allocation

Developers + Management



The purchase process is as follows:

Important: You must always add the token to your wallet, otherwise you will not see it. If you need help, post on one of our social media and either we or the community will definitely help.

Network: Binance Smart Chain – BEP20
Name: Green Watt Project
Symbol: GWP
Decimals: 5
Contract address:


You can read the details...

Here are all the essential descriptions to help you to understand the project.

Other documents

Road Map

Vision for the entire Green Watt ecosystem.

2020 Q2
  • First meeting with the shutdown power plant presented in Project 1.
2020 Q3- 2021 Q1
Crypto market is a bull market
  • BTC is being picked up for the third time since his 2nd "death."
  • It is also realized in us that the future has arrived, the world of crypto will survive in the long run.
2021 Q2
  • Development of basic ideas
  • Financing planning
  • Developing a business plan
2021 Q3
  • Team-building
  • Token, creating a website
  • Project 0. Organization
2021 Q4
  • Project 0. is running successfully
  • Starting Project 1.
  • Launch of ICO marketing strategy
2022 Q1-Q2
  • Project 1. Obtaining Permits
2022 Q3
  • Project 1. completed and operational
  • Display the GWP token on DEXs
  • Placement of first mining machines
2022 Q4
  • Start expanding Project 1
  • Project 2. Preparation and presentation
  • Admission of the token to several stock exchanges
2023 Q2
  • Project 2 Decision Making
  • Introduction of NDP in patent law
2023 Q1
  • 2nd Project Decision
  • Launching our own coin: free transactions

Executive team

Diversity makes the team stronger because everyone contributes to common success with their own strengths and a unique vision for our mission.

Bence Sandor

As a new technology, crypto needs to be decoupled from old resources in time to be seamlessly saved into the future.

Mate Herbert
Web developer

My job is to create and maintain the website and create the image-video materials related to the project on a professional level.

Istvan Halasz
Crypto expert

I am responsible for creating and distributing the GWP token, my goal is to work based on the latest trend-technologies.

G. P.

Bence’s childhood friend. Upon request, we will keep his identity as a secret.

Media appearances

Videos, articles



Frequently Asked Questions

You can find questions, filtered by topic, that we think will answer all the questions related to the project.

We created a token to make everyone’s crypto farm dream come true. We provide electricity from renewable energy sources at an attractive price to those who embark on the development costs of the power plant. From the proceeds from the sale of the tokens, we will start the biogas power plant presented in Project 1. In return, we give you electricity to run your mining machine. Respectively, we also buy mining machines as part of the project and redistribute the production of mining machines to token holders.

Nowadays, it is no longer an accepted solution to use and maintain blockchain technology based on fossil energy. Nevertheless, the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies is still on the rise. GreenWatt is committed to promoting a carbon-neutral future for cryptocurrencies through clean and sustainable energy projects.

Currently under PRESALE here on the website. We’re only going to go out for pancakeswap, and other stock exchanges later, when power generation in Project 1 started.

You can exchange 1 GWP token for 1 kWh of electricity in the power plant to operate your mining machine. With this, you can make a significant profit because during PRE-SALE you can buy electricity for 0.05 to 0.10 BUSD, while the market and retail opportunities are many times that.

Developers keep 15% of their tokens, which they can only sell when Project 1. is running, or they can buy power for their own mining machines.

A lot. 1) You have significantly reduced your electricity bill for your mining machine. You save. 2) The exchange rate increase will at least reach the price that current mining providers charge in Europe for electricity. We expect it to rise from 0.05 to 0.17 BUSD in the short term as well. 3) In the framework of Project 0, we will purchase mining machines that are planned to achieve a power of 1.5 - 2 Ph / s and place them in power plants. We will only use the production of these machines to increase the price of the token. That is, from the money generated, we will buy a GWP token on DEX and then distribute it to all GWP holders in proportion to the token Multisender.

Under PRE-SALE you can buy a token for the price indicated in the table. As soon as Project 1 starts, we open the power plant to the mining machines and from there, whoever has a token can switch to electricity. 1 token corresponds to 1 kWh consumption. We will make 250 kW available for the next 3 years for those who buy from PRE-SALE. After the purchase, please let us know as soon as serverroom@greenwatt.io when, in which quarters, how many machines you want to put in with us, because the seats will be reserved in chronological order. In the email, please also attach to your wallet address a screenshoot of the GWP content and the date, amount and code of your purchase transaction so that we can clearly identify it, as well as an email contact and preferably a Telegram username.

Based on the performance of your machine, calculate how many kWh you will consume in 3 months, because seats will be reserved in 3-month blocks. In 2022 Q3 (2022.06.15-2022.09.15) in 92 days an Antminer S19 J Pro: 3050 W * 1.05 (power correction: +/- 5%) * 24 h * 92 days = 7,071,120 Wh = Buy at least 7,071.12 kWh or 7,071.12GWP tokens.

Yes, if you can show that your intentions are serious and you have entered the PRE-SALE with a significant amount. Then there will be even more options after the power plant starts up ... Any other questions, please write to hello@greenwatt.io or Telegram and we will get back to you shortly.

Buy a token that covers the consumption of your machine for 3 months and let us know in an email that you want the space for your mining machines. After the purchase, let us know hello@greenwatt.io as soon as possible, in which quarters, how many machines, what consumption you want to put in, because the seats are booked in chronological order. In the e-mail, please also provide your wallet address with a screenshoot of the GWP content and the date, amount and code of your purchase transaction so that we can clearly identify it, or at least one e-mail, but it would be better if one You can also provide telegram contact. This is the only way to get a seat.

You bring it or mail it. We will monitor it for a few hours, check its consumption, warming and whether it is flammable, and then put it in its final location. When the last 2 weeks before the current quarter come (before Q3: 17/05/2022) your token will be locked down no later than the week before the start of the quarter (24/05/2022) by the end of the quarter and send us a link and screenshot. We will then confirm that you can start delivering your mining machines to the power plant in the next 2 weeks (24/02/2020 - 07/06/2022). On the day of the change (June 15, 2022), you can either place your machine on the shelves in person or, if you send it in advance, specify the settings we need to set it up. You will also have to take care of transporting the machine, either you will pick it up in person or send a courier. You are also responsible for the packaging if you send a more durable box to store it somewhere. But you can only ship it after you have returned your locked token to the wallet we have marked. We will post the dates and things to do on the website and Telegram channel each quarter.

We enter into a contract with everyone under traditional continental law, under which we undertake to supervise, operate and supply electricity and the internet. Not the control of mining activity, it's up to you, we might help.

Whatever you want, all settings are your responsibility; we just add the internet and electricity. There will be 220V sockets and an ethernet cable in the safe of your machine. We may help you with what to use.

No, you used it up a bit, to get your machine back it has to be sent to us.

You will have an administrator who will oversee and monitor your webcam as well, but the repair will have to be done for you. If you want to replace it, you take the old one, you bring in the new one; if you want to solve it by post we will help you. We will also test the new one and systemize it, if you consume it higher then you will have to cover the difference by buying a token, if we will refund the difference lower.

The first server room in the attic of the power plant's staff house will be about 130 sqm, where machine owners will have access 24/7/365. We make an RFID card and with a personal PIN code you can only enter the gates: from the car park to the corridor and from the corridor to the server room. There will be no other entrance to the server room that is suitable for a human approach. Entering the house will be a 3rd gate which is a security passenger lock with biometric identification. Only 1 person can enter at a time - the owner of the machine - who must authenticate himself with biometric identification on the first visit. Several people may enter only in the presence of the administrator at an agreed time at least 48 hours before the meeting.

We buy for Project 1! Buy a token because the amount over $ 300-350,000 needed to start the power plant will be used to purchase mining equipment and the TOTAL revenue from it will be distributed among the holders. In addition, these tokens are purchased from stock exchanges and then distributed. This purchase is expected to have a steady and stable upward effect on the exchange rate curve!

Yes, during the development of the power plant - with the construction of the 2nd fermentor - we will provide another 300 kW of electrical power to operate mining machines.

Safety first! We make every effort to ensure that the system operates securely and smoothly. they will be stored in tunnel-like trees (to maintain proper airflow) to which only the owner will have access. In addition, a CO2 fire extinguishing system will be installed in the server rooms and server room specific insurance will be taken out in case of damage. Of course, security will also be entrusted with guarding who will provide armed guard on an ongoing basis and will have a direct line to the police. With cameras, we will monitor the entire power plant and every point of the server room 24/7/365, which you can also follow online.

We provide high speed internet connection. An Ethernet cable will be routed to your safe.

As the server room will operate as a 550 kW electric heater from a thermal standpoint, we will use the same industrial cooling and ventilation technology as the gas engine, just to keep you calm - the mining machines will not overheat. In the framework of Project 0, this has been solved so well that the humidity does not exceed 20%, but rather fluctuates around 10%, and the temperature of the chips on the hashboards constantly rubs off the ideal factory operating value from below.

The same person is the one who built it and who will start it. Hochreiter GMBH has been building and operating power plants since 1985: https://www.biogas-hochreiter.de/en/category/references The only raw material needed for operation is raw materials - any organic and vegetable waste. The power plant is located in the middle of an agricultural region.Azonos személy az aki építette és aki be fogja indítani.

We negotiated with 2 local contractors and contracted with farmers 8 years in advance to secure the raw material from the high dry matter plants. We can renew this contract every 5 years. There are 4 pigs and poultry farms nearby, from which they are happy to deliver the manure, because they have so far had to solve the environmental load of the manure themselves. Other organic waste, such as slaughterhouse by-products, food waste from restaurants and distillery residues, can also enter the power plant, but they are even paid to take over.

The power plant was built in 2016 and the trial operation did not start after receiving the temporary commissioning permit.


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